Underwater in Llyn Gwynant

Llyn Gwynant lake is one of the larger in the area, and is noted for being rather deep with very cold currents at times. We were interested to know more of it and also of course are always concerned for the water quality, especially as it is so near our campsite.  We were therefore keen to help a local diving group who in 2012 proposed some investigation of the lake. Carol Horne, Secretary of the Gwynedd Sub-Aqua Club, Freshwater Project:

“We had a successful dive on Sunday 24th June from the little gravel beach by the road – thanks for your and your staff’s friendly support.  6 of us took bearings across the lake in 3 pairs. 1 pair headed across to Elephant Rock and recorded a depth of 12ms. The other 2 pairs remained in the shallower waters which extend quite a long way across from the beach, and contain abundant weed beds. There seems to be a very clear cutoff depth of about 5ms after which there is very little weed.”

The photos courtesy Carol and Liz Healey, include:  Alternate water milfoil, Myriophyllum alterniflorum, a common species that has been lost from some upland lakes due to the effects of acid rain; Shoreweed Littorella uniflora, a common plant of stony margins in Snowdonia lakes, Freshwater sponges belonging to class Demospongiae, which filter large volumes of water removing food particles and Water beetle, Veliidae-sp possibly Microveli. .