Wedding trees

If you are getting married at Llyn Gwynant barns you can plant a tree in this beautiful place as a commemoration. This service costs £75 for a local native tree, grown from local seed and potted about one metre tall, to be planted by you in new small new woodland near the barns. Dylan who manages our nearby nursery will agree with you a planting site which he then prepares with pre-dug hole, leaving you the tools and tree ready to plant. He then looks after the tree, creating a hazel surround which he adds later.  The species available are:

  • Rowan, otherwise known as the mountain ash, has masses of white flowers in early summer followed by bright red berries in late summer.
  • Downy Birch, a graceful tree with good autumn colors.
  • Hawthorn, covered in white blossom in early summer followed by bright red berries that last well into the autumn.
  • Sessile Oak, will grow to a large size and lives for hundreds of years, also one of the best trees for wildlife.
  • Goat willow, a fast growing tree covered in fluffy catkins in early spring

You can bring a plaque to put by the tree, so long as it is no larger than 25cm x 15 cm (approx 9 inch by 6 inch).  Contact us if you are interested in a wedding tree.