Wedding FAQs

//Wedding FAQs

Wedding FAQs

Yes we now have 2 hook-ups in Barn Yard and 6 at the top of Barn Field, see the Site plan for details of where these are: 4 are on the hard standing at the top corner of the Barn Field, so these can be used for caravans or campervans by arrangement; another 2 are near our slate path in Barn Field, so suited to use in marquees which can be sited here; and  2 are in Barn Yard. We do not leave the gate at the fop of Barn Field open but we can allow individual vehicles in if the weather is favourable.

We do not expect a major deep clean but we do expect that all your personal items are removed from the barns before checkout, that the floors are swept, all food removed, fridge and stove cleaned and kitchen surfaces wiped. Do not mop any floors. You are not expected to clean the toilets, these will be maintained by us during your visit.

Paper confetti is not to be used anywhere inside or outside the barns, but natural confetti such as petals are welcome either inside or outside.

There are two wood-burners in the barns plus the outdoor firewok, but wood use may depend on your plans and the weather However we will always buy back unopened bags of wood and also you can buy more bags at the campsite where they are sold at 6 pm each night. So there is no problem if you get it wrong…. many couples order 10 bags in advance with their equipment hire and we simply return money for unused bags with your bond.

No all toilet block consumables are provided, and the toilets, unlike the barns, are serviced once a day.

No, the diswasher comes with its own detergent and rinse aid.

We provide brooms, dustpans and brushes, buckets and mops: these are in a cupboard in the bunk barn, along with the iron and ironing board. You should bring detergents, spray cleaner and cloths, including drying up cloths.

Yes all the facilities of the campsite toilet block are available (there are showers along the back of the toilet block). We only ask that you respect campers privacy by not walking among the tents.

Yes so long as we are consulted about exactly where it is sited so that pegs do not go into underground services, and also that we approve of the contractor supplying it who must be given our Terms and conditions document: Barn T_C for outside contractors. We have electric hook-ups where they can be plugged in, however be aware this is also near to our underground electrical and heating services so please make sure you consult our staff, check our Site Plan for more details.

Yes we hire beautiful Pagoda marquees, which can be used on the campsite or at the barns. These are very large (6 m x 6 m) with raised roof, for details see our Marquee hire page.

We prefer people to leave dogs at home, and they are not allowed inside the barn buildings. However we do allow dogs in the barn fields so long as they are kept inside a vehicle or on a leash at all times, and are cleaned up after.

We estimate up to 150 people can camp in separate tents in the private barn fields.

The registrar does not allow alcohol to be served or even visible during the wedding ceremony. A bar is usually set up in Big Barn and is closed during the ceremony but opened afterwards. We do not restrict alcohol supplies or charge corkage, but ask that behaviour is reasonable. It is fine for you to bring in your own supplies and designate friends to man the bar yourselves. If alcohol is sold at your wedding then there are restrictions imposed by the local council, and you may want to use the services of a mobile bar or if you are selling alcohol yourself you may need an event license, please contact Gwynedd Council. If you or your friends are providing alcohol at no cost to your guests then we have been assured by Gwynedd Council that no license is required, but it is your responsibility to check with the Council what applies to your situation.

We require you to use one of the caterers on our list. These have all worked here before and been highly recommended, see our Catering page. Please contact us if you want to use someone not on the list, we may agree if they are not using the Kitchen barn or if there is some very special reason. For example mobile caterers who use equipment sited outside the barns may be acceptable

The Llyn Gwynant Barns are hired on condition that no excessive noise or disturbance is audible at the public campsite at any time. Only acoustic music is allowed outside (with restrictions on the use of drums) and only during the day. Sound systems can be used in the barns, but only in the Big Barn and only if sound levels are kept within reasonable limits set by our wardens on the night. There is a 12-way multi-core cable from the stage to the back of the barns and a large cabinet used as a mixing desk for PA systems and lighting. The quiet time at the campsite is from 11.00 pm but DJs and bands can play up to 1.00 am on condition that sound is turned down on request. After 1.00 am only acoustic playing or small sound systems are allowed. Sound levels depend on weather and vary with wind conditions and will be monitored by campsite wardens. A Responsible person must be nominated by you on check in and they should liaise with wardens and reduce levels on request. If no-one is responsive and noise is not reduced, power may be cut off.

Lighting inside the barns is quite flexible: bright fluros in all areas for setting up, hanging globe lights in the Function barn, and low level pillar lights throughout the barns for mood lighting, with fairy lights in the lean-to.

For details of our professional stage lighting system see Barn sound and light systems

Lighting outside the barns consists of bulkhead lights by doorways. Photos showing more complex outside lighting including fairy lights was brought for the celebration by the couples getting married or their friends.

An outside power socket is provided that takes a caravan style outdoor plug, sited above the outdoor toilet block.

Electric hookups in barn yard and barn field are available by arrangement only and as we do not allow vehicles to drive over the fields they are offered only on condition vehicles are not taken off this hard standing.

Campers can have campfires, so long as they are on our steel firepits (so as not to damage the grass) and are with wood bought from us (so as to protect the woodland and avoid sharp objects). The hire of our firepits is free. Those hiring the barn complex also have use of a large round “celebration firewok” that is also free of charge but must also use only wood bought from us and is not to be used on grass.

The barns have underfloor heating in the Big Barn toilet block and in the Kitchen Barn, provided by the wood-chip boiler installed at the campsite. There are also four big downflow fan coil heaters installed on the beam in the middle of the Big Barn that are turned on before you arrive. These blow heat down and have two settings, high and low, that are manipulated by a staff member. Since the high setting is a little noisy we usually turn them on high first thing in the morning before you arrive, and turn them on low for the duration of your stay. If you want more heat however you can ask to have them turned up while you are there.

In addition there is a large woodburner stove in Big Barn  that should be used with great care: a fire guard is installed to prevent young children getting close. Wood for this, and for the outdoor firewok and fire pits must be bought from us. We prefer you to order in advance but you can buy bags of wood at 6 pm at the campsite each day. The bags cost £5 each. Do not worry about ordering too much in advance as we always refund bags left over that are unopened. Most people order 10 bags, and we often refund for one or two, adding this to the barn bond when we return it via internet transfer.

Sorry these are not allowed either as the fire regulations prohibit them. And we do not like finding the remains of these up among our trees… Our firewok provides a suitable means of celebrating with fire, so long as you use wood bought from us.

No sorry, fire regulations prohibit any fireworks on site. There is a serious danger that fireworks could fall among your campers or in the public campsite and catch fire to tents.

No, sorry our fire registration includes restrictions on candles. We do allow tea lights however so long as these are placed only on the tables on some non-flammable material like a plate: you may find some small white holders in the bottom section of the big sound/light cabinet at the back of the Function barn.

No straw is to be used inside the barns because of fire regulations. Straw bales can be used outside but please be aware that you are responsible for cleaning up afterwards (and this can be a big job if they are dismantled), and for taking them away.

A very high step-ladder is provided for you do put up decorations and take them down – please make sure it is properly set up when you use it with the top platform fully extended and the barrier in place. Also please be careful not to scratch the Big Barn floor as you move it. During your time at the barns you can store it outside, along the back wall of the Big Barn (go through the bifold doors and you can lay it beside the stone wall beside the building).

We love it when people do up the barns to suit themselves, (with a few exceptions, see some other questions!). To enable this in the Big Barn we have put robust hooks or eyes at the centre of each stone pillar, on both sides, and also beside each of the downlights in the lean-to area as well as below the stained glass window above the stage. We now have ZERO TOLERANCE for anything sharp being used to pierce any of our beams, walls, furniture or fixtures in any way – no sharp items, nails or staples are to be used in any of our wood, and if we find even a staple then the entire barn bond is forfeit. The good news is that you do not need to do this since we have provided so many places to hang or tie decorations. If in doubt ask us if you want to do something unusual, we will do our best to help you decorate as you want.

Someone will clean the toilets each day of your booking (inside the barns and the outside block too) but are not usually available to move furniture or perform similar functions after the wedding ceremony. Many couples have found it enhances the occasion to ask friends and guests to help, perhaps giving good friends a particular task each ahead of time, such as helping with the tables (which are not heavy), directing car parking or serving a toast. It is commonly remarked that this brings people together and enhances the atmosphere of everyone feeling part of the occasion. Talk to your caterer if you have special requirements concerning the meal as they are often happy to provide extra serving and helping staff. However if you do find on the day that you need some extra service from our wardens we will always try to provide this.

The registrar requires no food or alcohol is consumed, served or even visible while the ceremony takes place, and this includes the wedding cake. We require that our furniture is not moved from the room in which you find it and that no wooden furniture is taken outside. Apart from these restrictions we do like you to make the event your own. If you move the heavy tables and pews within the Big Barn please be very careful to lift and not scrape the floor – since this furniture is very heavy take care and have several strong people move each piece. Bars are usually sited at the back of barn or near the big bifold doors, or occasionally in the Tall barn. Ask us if your plan is unusual, we always try to accommodate couples getting married in the barns as we do want it to be your day!

Often couples will keep one side of the Big Barn for the ceremony (which is often held on the stage or in front of the stage), and set up tables on the other side of the pillars so they are ready to move after a toast or some outside event. We hire the room dividers so these are screened off during the ceremony (since the registrars allow no food or drink to be seen) or you can use your own curtains or other decorations. The tables are very light and easy to move, and often the best man and his helpers will do this. Often some of these tables are then moved again after the meal if there is music, to clear a space for dancing. If you hire all our tables and chairs then you can have access to our store room, so some furniture can be put away after the meal.

How you organise the tables is entirely up to you. If there are more than about 70 people you will want to have tables on both sides of the barns, i.e. in the lean-to and in the area in front of the stage. See our wedding gallery for photos showing how tables have been set out at different weddings. Some table plans can be downloaded from our Floor plan page.

We consider 140 a realistic maximum, though 160 is the maximum guest list and in this case meals in the Big Barn will be provided with some standing. 147 is the maximum we know of at a sit-down meal when the stage was used for seating as well as the main hall.

Three heavy wooden tables and six benches are in the Kitchen Barn and must remain there. In the Big Barn there are two long oak trestle tables: usually one is on stage for the registrars with two chairs and a small ring table, and one at the back of the room. Three long very heavy Pugin pews are along the Big Barn walls and must remain in that room (be careful it moving them not to scrape the floor). Another is in the Tall barn. A coat rack is provided (with about 50 coat hangers), an iron and large ironing board, brooms and dustpans. Outside the celebration firewok is provided and must not be used on grass, as well as smaller firepits which can. We hire out equipment for a full sit-down meal in the barns for up to 150 people see our Equipment hire page for more.

Fire regulations restrict events at the Llyn Gwynant barns to 300 people.

When the entire barn complex is hired, you also get exclusive use of the two private camping fields. Camping groups who hire just the Camping and Tall barn have exclusive use of just the top field, Barn field.

There are conditions with our license as a venue for weddings and civil partnerships. Not only must we be a “seemly and dignified” venue, the following requirements are just some of those that must also be met:

    a “responsible person” from Gwynant Ltd must be present one hour before the ceremony takes place and during the ceremony.
    “the sale or consumption of food or drink and smoking are prohibited in the room one hour prior to and during the ceremony and for fifteen minutes after the ceremony”
    any bar “must be concealed so that its appearance does not affect the dignity of the ceremony and so that no noise or smell interferes with the ceremony”
    “at least one table and possibly two” must available for the use of the registration officers
    “Free use of a telephone if necessary to solve any last minute problems with the legal requirements for marriage/civil partnership.”
    there must be parking spaces for the officers attending the wedding/civil partnership so they can leave conveniently
    “a bilingual sign announcing the fact that the property has been licensed worded in accordance with the direction of the Proper Officer must be displayed at each public entrance to the premises for one hour prior to the ceremony and throughout the ceremony”

So one of the senior Gwynant staff will join you prior to your ceremony in the Function barn, and will ensure these conditions are met. A small pine table and two black plastic and steel chairs are reserved specifically for the registrar (it is small so it can easily be lifted on stage, and the chairs are light but comfortable) as well as a small round table often used for the ring. Two car parks opposite the gate into the barn yard are reserved for the registrars, where they cannot get “boxed in” by other parked cars.

The wedding can take place anywhere in the Big Barn, as this room is licensed for weddings. However British law does not allow a wedding ceremony to take place outside.

The phone number for the registrar’s office is 01766 771 000 or you can email

Yes the Big Barn is licensed for weddings, civil partnerships and other civil ceremonies.