Group FAQs

//Group FAQs

Yes we now have 2 hook-ups in Barn yard and 6 at the top of barn field. There is hard standing in the yard and at the very top corner of the field, so these can be used for caravans or campervans by arrangement: we do not allow open use of the field for vehicles but we can allow individual vehicles in if the weather is favourable.

A group of 10 – 20 people can book one of our group areas to be sure of camping together and larger groups can be accepted in some circumstances. To book requires payment of £305 which includes a £300 deposit which is kept as a bond while you are on site but returned after you leave if all has been well, see our Group Booking page for details of our terms and conditions for groups and areas that can be booked. When a group has booked we rope off an area inside the indicated group area. Group members pay as they arrive in the normal way, or we can invoice the group in advance, in which case payment is due at least 2 weeks before arrival. Payments can be made using the Payment link on our home page.

Yes we like to help young people experience the outdoors so we accept groups of scouts, D of E’s, and religious groups for example. We offer a substantial discount for youth groups if they abide our group rules: the  child rate is available only to family groups, but bone fide organisations of young people under 18 years old may pay the youth rate, see our Rates page. If you want to book a group area or are interested in bringing a group of more than 20 people you must first contact us.

Yes we offer generous discounts for groups of 6 or more, and for 3 hours or more. Check out our Boat hire page.

Group bonds are held to ensure that our campsite rules are respected, that a group engages in quiet talking only after 11.00 pm, that their pitch is left tidy and also other campers and our staff are respected. Very few bonds are withheld, only 1 or 2 in a year, and there is always ample warning beforehand. For example if a group is noisy after 11 our wardens will give several warnings that behaviour is likely to result in a loss of the bond before it is forfeit. No-one is happy if a bond is withheld so we do our best for this not to happen – but it does need group co-operation as well.  Please study our Group rules to ensure you know what behaviour is expected.

Yes, any group of 4 or more people may be asked for a group bond of £20 per person. This is kept while your group is on site and is returned when you leave. A group of more than 10 people who have booked a group area will pay a deposit of £300 to confirm the booking, and this amount is kept as a group bond, which means members do not have to pay the individual bond when they arrive. In this case the bond is returned within 10 days of your visit to a bank account that you noinate, via internet transfer.

We provide brooms, dustpans and brushes, buckets and mops: these are in a cupboard in the bunk barn, along with the iron and ironing board. You should bring detergents, spray cleaner and cloths, including drying up cloths.

Yes all the facilities of the campsite toilet block are available (there are showers along the back of the toilet block). We only ask that you respect campers privacy by not walking among the tents.

We allow marquees to be erected on the campsite (though there is a charge for this) and also at the barns (where there is no charge if the barns are hired for a wedding or event), where it may be pitched in the private barn fields  or beside the barns. However we must be consulted in advance about exactly where they are sited. Care must be taken as there are underground services including electric cables and drains under the fields and near the buildings. Also we must be consulted about exactly where vehicles are taken if they leave the hard standing so special permission is required from one of our wardens. Damage to the grass is one of our major concerns. We are in the process of obtaining marquees for hire so please look at our Equipment hire page and you could also contact us for up to date information.

We prefer people to leave dogs at home, and they are not allowed inside the barn buildings. However we do allow dogs in the barn fields so long as they are kept inside a vehicle or on a leash at all times, and are cleaned up after.

When the entire barn complex is hired, you also get exclusive use of the two private camping fields. Camping groups who hire just the Camping and Tall barn have exclusive use of just the top field, Barn field.