The kitchen at Llyn Gwynant Barns

Printable document: Kitchen at Llyn Gwynant barns. The Camping barn has a new commercial kitchen at one end with wooden tables and seating at the other. Appliances are:

  • Induction hobs:  There are 3 Lincat twin hob table-top induction hobs, 350x654x115mm, so 6 induction hobs in all. If you are unfamiliar with these please take care. Induction cooking heats a pan by magnetic induction instead of a heating element. Since pans are directly heated, very rapid increases in temperature can be achieved. So do not leave empty pots on the hob for any length of time and be aware that when they get too hot they switch themselves off automatically and so may need to be turned on again.   Induction cooking is efficient, puts less waste heat into the kitchen, can be quickly turned off, and has safety advantages compared to other cooktops. Hobs are also easier to clean because they do not get very hot. However only pans made of a ferromagnetic metal such as cast iron or some stainless steels will work on them. Other pans (e.g. copper, glass, non magnetic stainless steels, and aluminum) only work if placed on a ferromagnetic disk over the hob which functions as a conventional hotplate. We offer pans for these hobs for hire, as well as the ferromagnetic disks, but be aware that large pots on these disks may require extra cooking time.
  • 2 Blueseal electric ovens: 616 mm deep and 810 wide are under the hobs. These cook more quickly than a normal electric oven as they are convection / fan assisted with 2.8kW heating and 2kW grill elements, coupled with an electronic thermostat.
  • Hood: above is a Lincat L4 fume filtration hood 1295w x 610d x 545h, 0.45kW
  • Small appliances include microwave, toaster, kettle and a water boiler can be hired
  • Food prep stainless tabling and a sink on back wall with right hand bowl, left hand drainer
  • Freezer and fridge: Stainless single door 600 litre freezer with 3 adjustable shelves beside a double door stainless 960 litre fridge with 6 adjustable, 2 floor shelves
  • Wall mounted insect killer 30 w, above the door to the Tall barn
  • Stainless hand wash Basin with lever taps, 305w x 270d x 140h at back on right hand wall
  • Kitchen step-on waste bin, 90 litre
  • Dishwasher tabling and sink with pre-rinse spray taps sink with drainers
  • Classeq commercial dishwasher can be hired with racks for trays beside
  • Large brown cupboard is for hired tableware, beside the dishwashing area by door
  • Mobile chef’s stainless bench a 3 other movable benches form a centre island
  • Hand sink with soap dispenser is by the door to the Tall barn
  • Fire safety: Please read fire plan and instructions on the notice board by the door. Fire extinguishers are in the fire box and a fire blanket is provided by the stove

The Kitchen Barn has under-floor heating. The non-kitchen end has wooden tables and seating. A payphone is on the wall beside the outside door, as well as safety including fire instructions and a firebox. Internal doors lead to the Tall barn at one end and the Big Barn toilet block on side wall.