Terms and Conditions part 1, parts 2 and 3 below

Printed document for full details: Barn Terms and Conditions.

  • Private functions only: No publicly advertised parties or events are allowed.
  • Only caterers and bars from our approved caterers list may use the premises.
  • Any outside business invited by you onto the site must have our prior approval and must have agreed to our T&C for Outside Contractors.
  • Maximum guests: 150 is standard but we allow up to 160 guests with extras charged.
  • Wedding guests camp in the barn fields only – not in the public campsite.
  • No nails, staples or other sharp objects are to be used in the barns anywhere.
  • No paper confetti, but petals or leaves are allowed inside and outside the barns.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the barns, and must be kept on a leash at all times outside.
  • Marquees are allowed only if hired from us.
  • Park vehicles around the barns; in the overflow car park and fields by special permission only; no turning in fields or damaging the grass.
  • Caravans & campervans at top of the Barn Field or in the Barn Yard (electric hook-ups are there).
  • Our electricity supply is limited, so no extra heaters or catering equipment without prior approval.
  • Clean up: The barns are not serviced accommodation – you must leave them and the fields in tidy condition, floor mopped, with rubbish in bins, and glass, cans, paper and plastic separated for recycling.
  • A refundable bond is due in advance and may be withheld if conditions are not met.

Terms and Conditions on safety at the barns

  • Security during your stay is your own responsibility. Keys to outside doors are supplied on request.
  • Field protection: Light fires only in firepits or firewoks – not on grass. Please observe fire safety rules
  • Fire safety: Barn users are responsible for fire safety and must abide by fire safety instructions.
    woodburners must be used responsibly with fireguards using only our wood
    firewok on hard standing only at least 3m from barns, using only our wood
    campfires for small fires only using only wood bought from us
    no flares, fireworks, Chinese lanterns or large candles, no hay/straw bales
  • Child safety: There is rough ground, steep drops and a lake near the barns: take care of young children
  • Food safety is the responsibility of barn users or contractors: please be careful, hygenic and safe
  • Electrical safety is especially important if there are outside contractors using the site
    – our supply is limited so no extra heaters or catering equipment without prior approval
    – no electrical cables to be used outside without proper arrangements and armoring

Noise and behaviour conditions

The Llyn Gwynant barns are close to the public campsite where noise is restricted, and only quiet talking is allowed after 11.00 pm. If doors are kept shut soundsystems in the barns are not usually audible from the  campsite, however occasionally if there is a loud band, or if the night is still with a wind in the wrong direction, noise can be a problem. We only hire the barns to people who agree to these conditions:

  • No excessive noise or disturbance is to be audible at the public campsite so if a warden visits to request sound levels are reduced this MUST be acted on
  • A responsible person must be nominated to liaise with campsite staff regarding noise levels
  • No soundsystems, only acoustic music outside the barns and only during the day. Occasionally we can agree to soundsystems being used for a short time for a special event by prior arrangement
  • DJs and bands must cease at 1.00 am after which only acoustic playing or small sound systems are allowed in the Function barn.
  • If no-one is responsive to warden requests for reduced sound, power may be cut off.