Terms and conditions for equipment hire

Printable documents: Equipment hire at the barnsCost of breakages of equipment at the barns; spreadsheet file: Equipment hire calculator.

Included in the hire of the Llyn Gwynant Barns is a variety of fine wooden furniture, including oak trestle tables, pews, kitchen tables and benches. In addition, we offer a range of plain, good-quality equipment for hire, including wedding and garden chairs, trestle tables and tableware such as tablecloths, white crockery, glassware and cutlery. Our furniture and tableware is good quality, but we don’t have an enormous range: you are welcome to hire from other suppliers. Also available for hire are large pagoda marquees, which can be erected in the grounds, and a PA sound system for use in the Big Barn. Terms and conditions for hire:

  • A surcharge of 20% is payable as a bond and is returned after the hire period.
  • Breakages/damage may be paid for from this bond, see Cost of breakages of equipment at the barns.
  • The prices quoted here are for items ordered 14 days in advance; orders received later incur a 100% surcharge (ie, they cost twice as much). Please note: not all items can be hired on the day of the event.
  • Induction pans must be used on the hobs; either supply your own or hire.
  • PA sound system is suitable for announcements and playing music through a system such as an MP3 player see Sound and Lighting Systems.

To hire equipment please fill out the forms on the printed document or email us.  The spreadsheet above will help you calculate costs. 
To send us an equipment list is to agree to our terms and conditions on this page.

Furniture and marquees


  • No furniture except garden chairs are to be taken outside.
  • Please take care moving furniture inside the barns to avoid scratching the floors.
  • If you wish to put wedding chairs away, they must be put in the Tall Barn and stacked no more than five high.
  • Trestle tables should be wiped clean before return.


  • Marquees are erected by our staff in a location selected by you: either beside the Function barn, between the Camping and Tall barn doors, or in the top of Barn field, where two can be put side by side to make one large enclosed space.
  • No extra charge for erection applies.

Tableware terms and conditions

  • Tableware: glassware, crockery and cutlery
    • Tableware is for use inside the barns or on the terrace of the barns only, not in the fields.
    • All items must be returned clean: there is a 20% additional charge for items if washing is required.
    • Tableware is available for hire only if the commercial dishwasher is also hired.
    • Rinse food off all tableware before washing; instructions are on the wall of the Kitchen Barn.
  • Tablecloths
    • These may be returned dirty, but all food scraps must first be removed from them: shake the cloths before folding and leave them on the trestle table at the back of the Big Barn.
    • Stained tablecloths will be charged for. Please note: ink, facepaints, red wine and some food items stain.