Sound and Lighting systems

Printable document: Barn sound and light systems.

Sound: Our PA system, which is available for hire, is a medium-sized active speaker system, consisting of two 1600W Mackie speaker/amplifier units mounted on the stone pillars either side of the stage, plus a 12-channel Mackie mixer and a microphone and stand. This system can take a line in from a CD or MP3 player, along with additional microphones in, and is suitable for medium-sized bands, for announcements and speeches, and for ambient music. We can set up and configure the PA so it is ready to plug in your MP3/CD player and instruct you on its straightforward operation. Included are:

  • 2 x Mackie SRM650 active 15” 2-way high-definition speaker/amplifier units 1600W max (RMS)
  • Mackie ProFX12 MKII 12-channel compact mixer with effects and USB
  • 1 x Shure SM-58 microphone and stand
  • All connecting cables, including multi-core, from stage to rear of the Big Barn

The Big Barn is fitted with a 16-in 4-out audio multi-core XLR stagebox and cable that easily allows a band PA system to connect from the stage to a mixing desk at the rear of the barn without laying out cables. Multiple floor and high-level 13-amp sockets and a single 32-amp power socket are available for additional equipment.

Lights: The Big Barn comes equipped with a professional stage-and-effects lighting system to illuminate the stage for speakers, bands and other performances. A full-width (6-metre) triangle lighting truss spans the barn just beyond the stage, fitted with two sets of LED quad stage lights, plus two water-effect lights. There is also a disco-style effects light at each end of the barn, and some white and colour LED stage lights at one side of the stage, which are ideal for use during speeches. The lights are controlled from a cabinet to the side of the stage: a DMX foot controller for the LED stage quads, simple on/off switches for the water-effects lights and disco lights, and a 24-channel DMX controller for the stage and architectural side lights. Additional lights and effects units can be attached to the lighting truss. The equipment consists of:

  • 2 x Equinox quad colour par bar stage lights 12 x 8w LED with DMX foot controller
  • 4 x Beamz LED stage lights (side and architectural lighting) with Transcension 24-channel SDC 824 DMX Controller
  • 2 x Equinox Aqua multi-coloured flowing water-effect lights
  • 2 x DJ mini Dekker disco lights

The lighting system can be set up to provide static lighting, which can be faded in and out on each light by the operator For more complex effects (synchronising to music, etc), some expertise in the operation of DMX lighting systems is required. The Big Barn also has LED downlights on each pillar with hand-held remote controls, allowing the lights to be dimmed or changed from white to any colour.