Lighting and soundsystem for hire

Lighting at the Llyn Gwynant barns comes with the hire. There are 4 stage lights in the Function barn with coloured filters connected to a dimmer pack. These are mounted on a lighting truss on which you can fit additional lights. The disco style projection lights can be connected to a simple 4-channel lighting controller or you can substitute your own.

A simple PA system is for hire. The cost of hire is £50 per weekend. This system consists of two 180W floor standing speaker/amplifier units plus a microphone and stand. This basic system can take a line in from a CD or MP3 player, along with microphone in. A small 12 channel mixer can be used if multiple inputs are required beyond the MP3/CD and single microphone. This is not a full-on band system but is suited for announcements and speeches, ambient music or for a small acoustic band wanting modest amplification for a singer and a couple of instruments. We can setup and configure the PA ready for you to plug in your MP3/CD player and instruct you on its straightforward operation. Included are:

  • 2 x Roland KC550 4-channel amplifiers/speakers with stereo link up and 3- band equaliser
    • –  twin RCA auxiliary line-in for CD.MP3 player
    • –  XLR microphone input
    • –  3 x 1/4″ jackplug inputs
    • –  XLR mixer outputShure SM-58 microphone and standBehringer Eurorack UB1202 12-input mixer if required for more complex configurations
  • All connecting cables
    The function barn is also fitted with a 16-in 4-out audio multi core stagebox and cable that easily allows a band PA system to connect to a mixing desk at the back of the function barn without laying out cables. All connections are XLR.

Bands using the barns will usually bring their own sound systems, and the stage has four sets of floor mounted power points.