Tableware for hire at Llyn Gwynant Barns

Crockery to be returned clean  Available  Replacement  Weekend hire
white dinner plates, 10″ 200 £5 £3 per 10
white small plates, 8″ 200 £5 £2 per 10
white bowls 180 £5 £2 per 10
white, black mugs 200 £3 £2 per 10
Glassware: to be returned clean
wine glasses 200 £1.50 £2 per 10
Tumblers 200 £1.50 £2 per 10
Pint glasses 200 £1.50 £2 per 10
Champagne flutes 200 £1.50 £2 per 10
Water/beer jug 40 £7 £1 each
Cutlery to be returned clean
table knives 200 50p £1.50 per 10
table forks 200 50p £1.50 per 10
dessert spoons 200 50p £1.50 per 10
tea spoons 150 50p £1.50 per 10
serving / salad spoons 20 £1.50 50p each
Other to be returned clean
Bottle openers 10 £4.00 £1.00 each
Water boiler 1 £50.00 £10.00 each
Classeq commercial dishwasher 1 cost of repair £30

White crockery

Our crockery is super-vitrified white commercial-grade. We have more than 150 0f each item. These include a 10 ” (254 mm) white dinner plate, a small 8″ white plate (205 mm) , a white bowl, and a selection of white or black mugs.


We offer a range of glassware for hire, including wine glasses, champagne flutes, pint glasses and tumblers. We have more than 150 available of each of these glasses. Also for hire are glass water jugs, of which we have more than 30.

Stainless steel cutlery

Our cutlery is all robust, modern and a high quality stainless steel. Available are knives, forks, dessert spoons and teaspoons. We have more than 150 of each of these. Also for hire are stainless steel serving spoons, of which we have more than 20.

Water boiler

This electric water boiler is 20 litre, large enough for 80 – 100 cups. This can be moved and plugged in in the Function barn or used in the kitchen.

Classeq commercial dishwasher

This robust commercial dishwasher comes with simple instructions and with detergent and rinse-aid automatically supplied: you do not have to add these chemicals to the wash as they are extracted automatically. The machine is easy to use and highly effective, and comes with racks for champagne flutes, glasses and for plates and bowls, as well as drying mats.