Furniture for hire at Llyn Gwynant Barns

Printable price and order list: Equipment hire at the barns.  We also have an Equipment hire calculator spreadsheet to help you calculate costs. We hire what you need for sit-down meals at Llyn Gwynant Barns, with details below and prices as follows:

stock cost to replace cost / weekend
Cross-back wedding chair, taupe pads 160 £70 £3.00 each
Alternative ivory seat pad for wedding chairs 160 £10 £0.50 each
Black steel chairs with plastic seats 150 £30 £1.50 each
Green plastic garden chairs 90 £10 £1 each
Wooden infant high chair 6 £40 £4 each
Trestle tables 5 ft by 30 inches 32 £45 £3.00 each
Aluminum wood-effect tables 6 ft by 27 in 2 £108 £5 each
Set of 32 trestle tables, 150 cross-back chairs £500 set
Room divider, 6 panel 3 £55 £5
White tablecloths for our 5 foot tables, that can be returned dirty 32 £12 £5 each

Plastic chairs

A few plastic garden chairs are available for outside use on our patio, but up to 100 are available for hire and can be used inside.

Black steel chairs

Our black chairs have steel legs and plastic seats. These are simple, light and are highly stackable, and again are an option for using inside.  We have 150 of these chairs for hire.

Wooden infant high chair

Our infant high chairs are wooden, washable, stackable and safe if used appropriately. Up to 6 are available for hire, but if you require more then please contact us as we may choose to increase our stock of these chairs.

Room dividers

We have three room dividers for hire, wide enough to screen the gap between pillars in the Function barn. These are often used during a wedding ceremony to ensure that tables prepared for the wedding breakfast are not visible from the main hall.

Cross back bentwood chair

We now offer beautiful cross-backed bentwood wooden chairs for hire, which we think greatly complement our barns. These new chairs are made in Europe from European beech, and are elegant, natural but not fussy. They are light and lime-washed and the standard hire includes a light-grey wipe-able  chair pad of faux leather that we think suits the colour of the wood.  Velour ivory seat pads (shown in the illustration) can however be hired at a small extra charge per chair. These lovely wedding chairs do need looking after though: don’t take them outside, be careful how you stack them, and do not let your guests stand on them! Up to 160 chairs are available for hire.

Trestle table

The tables are light, with plastic tops, and 5 foot long by 30″ wide.  They are easily put up, folded or moved.  As a single table each can seat 6 people, with 2 on each side and 1 at each end. When placed in a row they can accommodate at least 2 people each side, more if you do not mind some people being in front of a table leg. Up to 32 tables are available. We also hire white tablecloths to fit them that can be returned dirty.

6 foot aluminium wood-effect table

Our aluminium trestles are very high quality, have wood-effect tops that are easily cleaned, and are 6 foot long and 27 inches wide. These tables do not need table cloths and are suited to serving food. We have just 2 of these tables available for hire. Remember there are two large (one 7 foot and one 9 foot) wooden trestles that come with the Function barn.