Films set at Llyn Gwynant

Llyn Gwynant Campsite has many films and TV programs. We have provided a range of services in addition to a beautiful location, including transport, security and construction. Most recently last year we were involved in a major production which is still under wraps, as well as smaller Welsh, private and BBC productions. If you are interested in using the site as a location for filming, please contact us.

Tomb Raider 2 of 2003 saw Llyn Gwynant campsite become a Chinese village where Lara battles her adversary Chen Lo-  although scenes have been transformed by computer-generated imaging. Llyn Gwynant was the main Welsh location but the production also brought surprise benefits to others including 30 of the Chinese community in Caernarfon who were extras and a local farmer who supplied chickens, geese and a mule.

Merlin was a 1997 feature film partly filmed at Llyn Gwynant, where the morraine behind our toilet block hosted fabulous Camelot, with Sam Neill playing Merlin as a flesh-and-blood fellow of real passion, powerless to undo the spell of a rival who has imprisoned Merlin’s great love, Nimue.

Merlin of the Crystal Cave was a 1991 mini-series and film tellling the story of Camelot and King Arthur from the perspective of Merlin, as he grows to become the greatest enchanter legend has ever known. A crystal cave unlocks his mystical gifts of prophecy, powers of conjuring and herbal healing, and Merlin sets off on a search for his father, a quest that takes him from foreign shores to palace intrigues and bloody battlefields and thrusts him into the center of the birth of the British Empire.