Gwynant Trees

Gwynant Trees run a private tree nursery on the slopes of the Nantgwynant valley, specialising in native trees and shrubs grown from seed collected locally.  Gwynant Trees have long experience in establishing local woodland, and growing trees from local stock means they are properly adapted to the local conditions. This maintains genetic diversity and also reduces our carbon footprint as well as reducing the risk of foreign pests and diseases.

Our achievements are visible in the valley: the nursery was started to raise plants for our own farm hillside. A small range of heathland shrubs that have been used in habitat restoration schemes are also grown here, and have been used for example in vegetating old quarry waste. We also grow hedging stock including dog rose,hazel and guilder rose, visible around the Llyn Gwynant barns.  In addition to plants we have experience in planting and after-care services, woodland planning and design, habitat restoration, roadside planting schemes and erosion control by river bank planting. See Gwynant trees website for more.

Couples getting married at Llyn Gwynant Barns have the option to plant a Wedding tree near the barns, use this link to see more details or contact us.