Local history links

Roman history  An interesting link about the Roman marching camp at Pen-y-Gwryd
>> http://www.betws31.freeserve.co.uk/Pen-y-Gwryd/pen-y-gwryd.html

Walking with history:  All about Roman and ancient roads through Nantgwynant
>> http://www.dinorwig.com/romanroads/Nantgwynant.html

Old Images of Snowdonia
From the book ‘Wales Illustrated’ a collection of Steel Engravings of both North and South Wales from drawings by Henry Gastineau. These are organised into the 13 counties as they were in 1830. See http://www.oldphotos.org.uk/caernarvon.html for images of Snowdonia and http://www.oldphotos.org.uk/wales/wales074.jpg for a lovely engraving of the Nantgwynant valley and Llyn Gwynant, or http://www.oldprints.co.uk/prints/wa/caerns/92055.htm for a colour version.