Booking a group

Printable document: Group information

Bookings are not needed and not available for individual campers as we do not have set pitches, just green fields where you select a place that suits you.  We do sometimes get full on the Saturday of a bank holiday but we will take those who arrive on Friday of a busy weekend. Campers pitching in groups who arrive without booking will be asked for a bond of £20 each which is kept while you are on site and returned as you leave.

Bookings are available for groups of 10 – 20 adults in our designated group areas by following the steps below  – these are not made online. A Group deposit of £300 is required for any booking as well as a £5 booking fee. The deposit is kept as a bond while the group is on site so the £20 individual bond for groups does not apply.  To make a group booking:

  1. Read and accept the terms and conditions for groups see our Group Rules page.
  2. Identify the places you might want to camp on the Group areas page.
  3. Email us with details including numbers of campervans or tents, numbers of people including the number of children, nature of the group, dates of your visit and where you prefer to camp.
  4. Pay bond: We may ask for more information, but if we approve the visit please pay £305 which is a £5 booking fee and £300 deposit/bond. You can do this using the Payments link (on the top of every web page). No group booking is confirmed without this payment. If you pay via internet please provide us with bank details for a refund.

If you want EHU you will need to book a bay separately from the group, see Vans and hookups.

If you have campervans in your group we can only accommodate you in some areas, see Group areas.

If your group is over 20 people special conditions apply; contact us for more.

Groups of over 20 can sometimes be accommodated at our Camping barn, which is normally only available mid week during the summer as it is a popular wedding venue. Here there are private camping fields as well as a kitchen and other facilities, see our Camping barn for groups page, and the Barn Terms and Conditions for more. The charge for staying in the barns is slightly higher than for camping on the public campsite as you have private fields, kitchen, loos and inside sleeping platforms as well. A minimum per night fee of £250 applies.