Campsite Group Areas

Groups of more than 10 people can book an area to be sure of camping together, see our Group Bookings page for how to make a booking. All group members must be aware of our Terms and Conditions for groups as you get your bond back only if these are respected by everyone in your group. In choosing a Group area to book, make sure you read the limitations below:

  1. Pen Helen West is near the river and lakeside, beside our Boat Hire area and can take large groups of campers but no campervans or caravans. Be very careful of having small children here.
  2. Bridge field front is beside trees and carpark, close to the river: suited to small groups only.
  3. Bridge field back is beside a stream near the hedgerow between Bridge field and Pen Ddôl, and can take large groups. No vehicle access, vehicles must park in Bridge field car park.
  4. Pen Ddôl includes 4 hook-ups for small vans, trailer tents or tents. An additional 2 or 3 tents without hook-ups can be accommodated in this area, or it can be extended for a larger group.
  5. Cae Canol can take small or large groups and can include small campervans parked beside the road < 5m long and
  6. Ddôl Fawr has an area near Cae Canol suited for groups and can include small campervans.

We do take well-organised groups of more than 20 people but only by arrangement and special terms and conditions may apply including a larger bond and payment of camping fees in advance. Very large groups may hire our Llyn Gwynant Barns if the visit is midweek or out of season see our Camping at the Barns page for information on this option. Remember we offer group discounts on adventure activities and boat hire.