Arrival and departure

These simple rules ensure this is a quiet family campsite where everyone enjoys their stay.

  • Booked campers in a bay or group arrive after 2 pm and depart by 11 am,  while ordinary unbooked campers can arrive after 11 am and depart by 2 pm.
  • Day visitors: arrive after 10 am leave before 10 pm and no dogs please, cars in car park only.
  • If no warden is at reception when you arrive please read the notice on our office window: you can pitch (not within 6m of another tent), then pay at 6.00 pm..
  • Arrivals after 11 pm: please park in the carpark and pitch by reception.
  • Please leave your pitch tidy with all rubbish and recycling stowed in appropriate bins.
  • All dogs must be on a lead at all times on the site except in the dog walking area provided, see our map. You must also clear up after them!
  • No sound systems of any kind or TVs. Quiet talking only after 11 pm. Silence after midnight.
  • Keep at least 3 m between tents of same group, 6 m from any others.

Cancellation policy: If you book, cancel at least 14 days before arriving for a refund.

Campsite rules

  • Noise and behaviour: This campsite is for the quiet enjoyment of nature so no radios, stereos or other sound systems are allowed at any time and only quiet talking after 11.00 pm. Acoustic instruments including guitars, fiddles, flutes can be played before then – but no drums! No generators are allowed on site. Be respectful to wardens and other campers. A group bond of £20 per person is charged to people in groups of 4 or more which is is refunded when you leave if all rules are kept including a clean pitch and no noise.
  • Distance between tents: at least 6 m between tents of different groups, at least 3 m between tents of same group.
  • Rubbish and recycling: Leave your pitch clean, separate paper, glass and cans and place them in the special bins provided in carpark, with rubbish in marked bins.
  • Bbqs are welcome if they protect the grass. We dislike so-called “disposable bbqs” and allow them only if raised off the grass on a brick or a firepit: take them with you when you leave
  • Security: we do our best to maintain a safe site but cannot accept responsibility for the security of your vehicles or belongings. Please be sensible and ensure that all valuables, mountain bikes, canoes etc are properly secured at all times.

Fires, lake and weather

  • Camp fires are only allowed if they are small, on one of our metal firebox stands and use wood bought from us – bags are sold outside reception around 6.00 pm. Do not light fires on the ground or collect wood from surrounding farm or woodland. Do not bring wood, coal or other combustible materials on site for fires.
  • Your own kayaks, canoes, dinghies and sailboats are welcome if you are camping with us but you will be charged for launching boats if you are not, see our Rates page for details.
  • No power boats or motorised craft are allowed on the lake or river.
  • Fishing is not allowed on river or lake.
  • Weather: The campsite is in the bottom of a mountain valley and can be subject to extreme weather conditions. Very strong winds and torrential rain can occur at any time of year with localised flooding. Please ensure that your camping gear is robust and correctly erected, and avoid pitching in any obvious dips. The weather forecast is put in reception window each morning.