Boat hire on the Campsite

Printable documents Boats information and  Boat group information.  Llyn Gwynant campsite is bounded by lake and river and is ideal for paddling fun. Boat Hire operates from Easter till late September depending on weather and is open during fine weekends, bank holidays and all school holidays. Outside these times it may be open to booked groups. Qualified instructors are available only by prior arrangement. Families are welcome. Be aware that lake water temperature can be colder than the sea. Standard hire rates are below right and special group discounts on the left.

  • Boats and boards are hired by the hour with bouyancy aids provided, rates are below.
  • Clothing must be suitable and jeans are not recommended.
  • Boat hire is not instruction: we simply provide boats, buoyancy aids and paddles
  • Qualified instructors can be provided but only by advance arrangement, see Activities
  • Group discounts are offered for 6 or more people by the hour, and or 10 or more people hiring boats for more than 3 hours, see below for details.
  • Bookings are not available for single boats only for groups
  • Group bookings require a £5 booking fee plus £50 deposit, balance on arrival
  • No group bookings are offered on busy bank holidays.
  • Group adventure activities are also available from the campsite, including gorge walking by the Watkin path or climbing. See our separate information sheet.

Group Discounts

Group discounts for 6 or more people by the hour:

  • 20% discount for 6 or more people for 1 hour: group leader must fill in consent form
  • 25% discount for 6 or more for 2 hours and
  • 30% discount for 3 hour hire

Group discounts for 10 or more people for 3 hours or more:

  • £12 per person for 3 hours in morning or afternoon session
  • £18 per person for up to 6 hours
  • £24 per person for up to 8 hours

This special group rate applies to any combination of boats where it is assumed one person per single kayak or FatYak, 2 people per double kayak or Canadian canoe and 4 per raft. For example:

  • 4 single kayaks and 3 Canadians for 10 people for 3 hours would be £120 (i.e. £12 x 10)
  • 8 Canadian canoes for a group of 16 people would be £384 (i.e. £24 x 16)

To book a group first contact us with details of numbers, boats required, dates and times. If we can confirm availabilty we will request payment of £55 to confirm the booking, of which £50 is a deposit, £5 a booking fee. The balance is due on arrival. Full Terms and conditions for bookings are given on our Boat group information sheet.  All our rates include VAT so ask for a VAT invoice if you are VAT registered.

Standard rates for boat hire

Our fleet at Llyn Gwynant includes:

  • 16 single kayaks (large open cockpit)
  • 3 sit-on-tops (FatYak)
  • 8 double kayaks
  • 8 Canadian canoes
  • 1 raft (2 Canadian canoes permanently rafted together)
  • 8 stand up paddle boards (SUPs)

Our charges are per hour with discounts for large groups for longer sessions, see opposite.
Standard charges:

Equipment Charge per hour Comments
Single kayak £6.00 Includes buoyancy aid*
Double kayak £12.00 Includes buoyancy aid*
Canadian canoe £18.00 Includes buoyancy aid, takes 3 adults or 2 adults plus 2 children*
Canadians rafted £30.00 2 Canadian canoes rafted together.
Paddle board £10.00 Includes buoyancy aid, paddle

Campers simply hire boats by walking down the riverside near the mouth of the river, look out for the pirate flag.  Non-campers must park in the campsite car park (a parking fee of £5 applies). Be aware that on very busy bank holidays we may struggle to find parking for non-campers cars so if you are not camping you may have to walk over to the Boat hire area from the lake-side laybys.