The number of otters inhabiting the Llyn Gwynant waters will hopefully be on the rise with a bit of help from our new otter holt.

A special home has been constructed for otters near Llyn Gwynant, built by our staff out of 100% natural waste  materials. Using left-over timber and brash from recent tree maintenance, this secretly intricate structure was created as an appealing abode for a family.

Did you know that a holt is the name for an otters den?

The finished result looks disappointingly like a pile of old branches discarded at a riverside – but don’t be fooled! Underneath the rough exterior hides a series of corridors and rooms, providing sleeping quarters and escape routes.

Did you know that a mother otter will use a holt as a birthing place for 2 to 3 cubs, who won’t be ready to live independently until they are over 1 year old?

The location itself was also thoughtfully planned; positioned by backwater at the confluence of two streams, away from any footpaths and well disguised by hedgerows and low hanging branches. The benefit of the confluence is that there are two water sources for food. The distance from footpaths and the surrounding overgrowth means little disturbance for the otter family. Plus, the backwater provides an ideal pool for the young to begin exploring.

Did you know that otters are playful animals that have been known to make waterslides and repeatedly use them to slide into the waters just for fun?

These pictures below show some of the stages of the build…
Otters holt structure
Making the initial structure with logs.

Otters escape route
A secret escape route!

Otter holt complete
The holt, completed!